Xtracycle YEPP seat adapter Front + Rear

Xtracycle YEPP seat adapter Front + Rear

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These low-profile, metal adapters are required for attaching the Yepp Maxi EasyFit Child Carrier (not included) to the front and far back end of the LT2 FlightDeck. These adapters will only work with a Yepp Maxi (found here), NOT a Yepp Nexxt Maxi (found here). This bundle includes two adapters. Previously, Yepp Maxis were attached to a port that was cut into the LT1 version 2 FlightDeck. This new adapter bolts directly to the bike frame and allows for a more secure connection. Cutting the port is still required for proper fit on the deck. If you are looking for a single adapter and not the pair, you can find the front adapter here and the rear adapter here.  

The Yepp Adapter is not required for the LT1 or LT1 version 2 FlightDecks but is required for the LT2 FlightDeck. Not sure what FlightDeck is on your bike? Check out the FlightDeck Identification Guide to verify. 

If you have a 2016 EdgeRunner, Leap, or Cargo Node, you DO need this adapter. 

If you have a pre-2016 EdgeRunner, FreeRadical, Cargo Joe, Radish, or Surly Big Dummy, you DO NOT need this adapter.